Emergency Backup Inverters suppliers

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Our History
KUNSEN is specialized in offering the best solution of emergency lighting, 7 years of experience in emergency lighting, 15 years of rechargeable nicd/nimh/lithium batteries manufacturing
Our Factory
KUNSEN is able to meet client is continuously updated requirements. With 8pcs SMT machine, the daily production of emergency module/Inverter is over 48,000pcs; and with workshops of 15,000 square meters,  the daily rechargeable batteries output reaches 400,000pcs, including 200,000pcs NICD and 200,000pcs NIMH batteries.
Quality control management, 100% test before shipping, prompt, flexible and unbeatable service 24/7 support, faster turnaround on time delivery and competitive price are our strong sales point.
OEM or ODM orders are welcome. KUNSEN sincerely hope to provide a reliable solution for customers all over the world.
Our Product
Emergency lighting, Emergency power supply, Exit sign, Battery pack, Solar lights
Product Application
For lighting
Our Certificate
Production Equipment
Production Market
Europe, Africa, South America, North America, Middle-east, and Asia
Our service
OEM or ODM, 24 hours services, added-value service, sincerity, reliability and resposibilityEmergency Backup Inverters suppliers

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