Electric Wire Rope Hoist

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double grider low headroom wire rope hoist
Europe electric wire rope hoist for Technical parameter
Europe electric wire rope hoist for product description
Reel: Made of high quality seamless pipes and processed by numeral control machine, after the special finishing, the rope groove on reel works coordinately with rope guide to efficiently prevent rope loose and tangling.
Steel rope:  Adopt the import steel rope with high strength which has tensile strength of 2,160kN/mm2 with good safety performance and long service life.
Rope guide: Made and processed by engineering plastics with strong abrasion resistance and good self-lubricating performance, which greatly reduces the wear of steel rope as main force safety components and then enhances the safety of hoisting mechanism.
Motor of hoisting mechanism: Double-winding squirrel-cage pole-changing motor, IP 55 / Insulation Class F;
1.Fast movement and high reliability;
2.Maintenance-free and self-regulated;
3.Using dust-proof design and long service life.
1.Small size and light weight;
2.Run smoothly and steadily and with low noise;
3.Corrosion resistance and maintenance free.
Safety features Drive limiter, overload protector, safety monitor, anti-collision device
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We will make the delivery within 10days after receive your payment.
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Shipping term:FOB
Payment term:T/T
FAQ:Electric Wire Rope Hoist

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