Framed Illuminated Mirror

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Patrick Framed LED Mirror MD003

Size: H800mm x W500mm x D45mm

Check this out! Our stunning, one of a kind electrical plated framed mirror with lights is now on the market! This sophisticated mirror will perfectly fit into your bathroom bringing a unique touch. This gorgeous Patrick Framed LED Mirror will easily become the focal point of your bathroom with its stylish look!
Patrick is an excellent illuminated mirror with sandblasted detail and a polished chrome frame. The added benefit of this mirror is that it can be mounted on your dressing room and serve as a dressing mirror since it’s 800mm (31.5 inches) height, or mounted on a big bathroom room and become the focal point of it.
Amazing for seeing yourself clear in the morning thanks to its crystal clear and corrosion resistant mirror and white bright energy efficient LED lights. If you like to applying makeup and shaving in front of a big mirror, Patrick is your best solution.

Q1. How low does it take for a sample order?
It takes about 3 or 4 weeks for a sample order, depends on how many samples you order.

Q2. What’s your MOQ?
Our MOQ is 50~100pcs/model.

Q3. When can I receive the item after place order?
It takes about 60days for the first order & 45days for the repeat order.

Q4. How can I contact you?
Please feel free to contact us by E-mail  at any time.

Q5. Do you offer any for guarantee your products?
We offer 5 years warranty on all parts for our products.

Q6. When can I get the quotation?
We will reply you within 24 hours once get your enquiry.Framed Illuminated Mirror

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