wholesale Graduation Diploma Frame

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※ Our History
Established in 2002, we have more than 15 years in graduation & church robes and accessories making, we are factory here, so the quality and delivery date can be controlled by ourselves.
※ Our Factory
We have over 100 skilled workers , around 100 machines, with our own design room, cutting , sewing, packing rooms. We can do the gown, caps, stoles, etc according to your demands, or specially design for you.
※ Our Product
Graduation gowns & caps, graduation stole and accessories. Church robe, choir robes, choir stoles and accessories.
※ Product Application
Graduation & Church Ceremony.
※ Our Certificate
※ Production Equipment
Cutting machine, sewing machines, and photographic equipment, design equipment ,etc.
※ Production Market
North America 50%, Europe 30%,  Australia 10%,  Other distract 10%. US$3Million –US$4 Million annually.
※ Our service
● Can do the products according to your pictures or samples, or design specially for you.
● Every piece checking by our professional quality control team.
● Keep the closer contact and collect the feedback from our clients.wholesale Graduation Diploma Frame

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