Cork Floating Tile size

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The stripe series of cork floor is a cork pattern.Cork board texture is novel and elegant, beautiful texture for the decoration.Cork flooring patterns can decorate the living room, horizontal, study, indoor stairs, can also be used for special pavement kitchen and bathroom.Also suitable for public places and commercial establishments, such as kindergartens, nursing homes, library, gym, dance room, music halls, cafes, hotels, upscale clubs, meeting room etc.
v Natural environmental protection, comfortable non-slip, acoustical isolation, heat preservation and heat insulation, no rot decay, durable.
v Beautiful texture, simple and elegant.
v Pavement is simple, easy to clean.
1. When installing the floor, lay it in the direction of the light entering the window.
2. Check that the wall is straight, starting at the corner of the right hand, the groove is toward the room, and the remaining material in the first row can be used to start the next line.
3. If the wall is very uneven, you can draw the uneven line on the floor.
4. Confirm the first three rows of flooring is very straight, then continue to install, pay attention to the use of wedges to stay expansion joints.
5. Cut the last row of floors like this.
6. Laying moisture-proof film.
7. Between the two films require overlap of 500px, encountered wall requirements 125px higher.
² 915mm*305mm
² 915mm*150mm
² 900mm*280mm
Thickness:12mm(Can be customized).
If you need customized sizes please feel free to contact us.

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  Cork Floating Tile size

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