Acrylic Mirror Sheet PE Protective Film manufacturers

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Wuxi Qihui Protective Film Co., Ltd. has focused on the research of pressure sensitive adhesive, which deals in professional manufacturing of PE surface protective film with advanced skills in this field. We develop new products continuously to satisfy the requirements of construction Markets.
Our company adopts the latest process equipments and high- grade raw material to manufacture professionally surface protective films, which are used widely for aluminum composite panel, stainless steel, sandwich panel steel, galvanized, screen wall glass, fireproofing board, molding steel, decorative materials, glass, plastic &rubber products, home apparatus, top-grade furniture and so on.
Our company has a full set of protective equipment production lines, blown film has two sets of advanced equipment, and 1800 of two sets of protective film coating equipment , and have set up a strict quality guarantee system and many service networks.
Based on science & technology and the best quality, supplies good quality products and perfect services . We sell well our products in domestic market as well as areas of America , South-east Asia and Middle East and so on.
Our company is devoted to the best quality products, competitive prices, and perfect service for the sake of old and new customers, also willing to cooperate with more and more friends to create a better future!
  Acrylic Mirror Sheet PE Protective Film manufacturers

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