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Inline CAP retorquer pcl-15m
Max. speed200 bottles per min.Subject to material size and shape.
Applicable rangeCap: Ø25~Ø60 mm
Cap: 10~23 mm high
Bottle: Ø20~Ø90 mm
Power1.25 kw
Power supplyAC 220V, 50~60 Hz
Air pressure0. 5~0.7MPa
Air consumption200 L/min clean air
WeightApprox. 750 kg
Dimension( L×W×H )Approx.2580mm×1300mm×2150mm

(The photo is for reference only)
Working principle:
Due to the heat applied to the bottle cap to seal the aluminum foil, there is a chance of the cap losing its initial torque. The Retorquer is used to validate the torque on the cap and readjust the torque as needed.     

Control System
·  Touch Screen Control Display (colored) and PLC Controlled
·  Alarm beacon

Capping Spindle
Three pairs of capping spindles are used for good recapping performance

Safety Guarding
For operator's safety and noise reduction concerns, this safety door is designed to add extra protection for any accidents during operation, and also to provide a better working environment for operators.

Emergency Button Conveyor
2.5m long type 304 stainless steel conveyor bed with Delrin tabletop chain. Conveyor railing is stainless steel with a Delrin insert, providing a smooth non-scratching surface for the containers to ride along.  All adjustments to the conveyor railing can be accomplished without the use of tools.wholesale Automatic Capper

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