China Two Section Lifting Column

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The HT-JCA2 is one of the pillar-type products developed by Ge Ming. Suitable for medical and working environment, applications such as beds, home care beds, clinics and adjustable-height desks. HTAJC-A2 Lifting Columns are designed for a variety of workstation applications such as computer workstations, workstations, assembly stations, medical instrument lifting platforms, and even kitchen height adjustments. It is the ideal choice. The HT-JCA2 's two-section outer tube provides stable movements, and can provide minimum installation size and longer travel options, etc.
Laser printing equipment, Height adjustable office desk, Lifting console ect.
Tube material: aluminum tube
Protection grade: IP54
Use of ambient temperature: +5℃~+40℃
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The linear actuator electric platform motor can be used as the reason of electric platform motor application? In many large awards ceremonies, parties, press conference, need to speak a lot of people, often appear in such a situation, because of the height of the speaker, height is often bent down, the shorter height may need to cushion things at the foot, no matter what kind of situation for the Speaker's speech will have an impact, For many people who have an identity, they may have an impact on their image in public. If the use of traditional manual adjustable height of the podium will not only affect the effect of the whole party and the adjustment process is very inconvenient. Therefore, in the original adjustable height of the podium traditional mechanical adjustment mode for electric regulation, which overcomes the current fixed-type podium can not adjust the height of the shortcomings, and easy to operate without affecting the speaker's speech. Electric lecture platform is a new type of adjustable height of the podium. It can adjust the electric podium to the most comfortable height according to the speaker's height or willingness to comfort, and through the touch controller switch. The electric platform is composed of the electric podium, the electric platform motor and other parts, and the electric platform motor is the driving force core of the electric platform, and it can adjust the height of the electric podium freely under the action of the Electric Platform motor.
Widely used in Electric medical bed, electric sofa, electric stand lift, industrial electric lift system, camera stand, projector, wedding system, office, conference room, command center, dispatch room, central control room, product demonstration hall, multimedia lecture hall. China Two Section Lifting Column

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