4" Built-in Submersible Pond Pump With Float manufacturers

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Our History
Jiadi is one of the leading suppliers of submersible pumps from China. We focused on top quality submersible pumps and motors since 30 years ago when we were established in 1988. We started as a small operation, now, millions of JIADI pumps are operating and transporting water for people from all over the world. And this number is increasing by million every year. The JIADI brand has already become the leading submersible pump brand in many countries and regions. And the Jiadi people are still working hard to let our reliable pumps and efficient service to serve for more people.
Our Factory
Jiadi owns two production bases in Zhejiang and Jiangsu Province, with full capability of R&D, production of casting, cable, capacitor, pump, motor and other spare parts, testing, sales and service.
Jiadi headquarter is located in the Wenling, Zhejiang Province, where JIADI was founded, a city known as“the land of water pump” in China. The Jiangsu production base is founded is 2010, own a land of 1000,000 square meters, which is already 100% completed. It offers big potential of production capacity and development space for near future of Jiadi. And the third production base is also under planning.  With our advantages in submersible pump researching and development, we will keep the spirit of innovation and working hard to provide the best products and services.4" Built-in Submersible Pond Pump With Float manufacturers

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